Garage Door Track Adjustment And Replacement

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    Garage Door Track Adjustment And Replacement

    Garage Door Track Adjustment And Replacement Service in Vancouver

    Over time, it is inevitable that our garage door tracks will have damages and other part issues.

    It may be misaligned or the existence of wear and tear is so evident that stops the whole door from opening and closing.

    Moreover, everyday usage of these doors may also contribute to the issues that are experienced after a few years of installation.

    In the event that the door fails to open and close, it is ideal to seek professional help or call a trusted garage door repair company.

    As it appears to be off-balanced and may have lots of cracks and damage within its track.

    Here are the following signs that indicate issues on these tracks:

    • An off-balanced door.
    • The door is bonded which makes it harder to open and close.
    • The overhead door suddenly gets rubbed on the rubber molding making unusual noises along the way.

    Basically, these signs are evident and we can directly fix them by partnering with a trusted garage door repairman.

    Call our customer service team and we will talk about the details of routine maintenance and track adjustments.

    Below are some tips on how to address mild garage door track issues:

    Off-Balanced or Misaligned Door

    As much as how important the internal parts are, it is ideal to be keen on accessing the conditions of the external parts as well.

    The existence of wear, tear, and moulds are evidence of damage that might cause our door to malfunction leading to more issues later on.

    For this reason, we can call our trusted repair man for a garage door track adjustment and replacement service.

    This way, we can avoid part and functional troubles in the long run while securing the quality of our door tracks.

    We can also clean our tracks from time to time.

    Use a clean cloth in cleaning these tracks and ensure that there is no grease along the tracks to avoid issues on the rollers.

    Garage Door Binding Issues

    Loose the screws that are attached on the wall and gently tap the bottom of the track with a rubber mallet.

    Ensure that it is all safe and clean when rubbing to avoid issues on the track after the process.

    Moreover, use a level to balance the track and tighten the screws again.

    Repeat the process on the other side.

    Garage Door Rubbing Issues

    Loose the bolts that hold the track on the track bucket by using a wrench.

    Secure a ¼ inch gap between the door and the molding after which tighten all bolts and the track will be as good as new.

    Garage Door Roller Adjustments

    Garage door track adjustments need a metal clip to secure the track back to its framing.

    These clips are necessary in making adjustments along the track and secure the tracks in place.

    Ensure a safe distance between the track and edge of door, not too close and not too far.

    Also, have the door in a close position before doing any work on the track or rollers.

    Loose the screws and slide the bracket back into position before tightening the screws in its correct alignment.

    Garage Door Overhead Track Adjustments

    Having a misaligned track will surely cause function troubles in the long run.

    Ensure to ask a garage door installation service from a trusted company to do the works regarding track adjustments.

    If we have the right tools and skills, we can follow these tips below.

    First, lower the door before doing any adjustments.

    Relocate and ensure that the end of the track is parallel with the door itself.

    Loosen the bolts and slowly pull the track away from the door.

    Lastly, tighten the screws back to its original position and check the door if it opens and closes smoothly after the adjustments.

    Leave The Work For The Professionals

    As much as we want to spend a few to none on repair services, it is still ideal to call for a commercial garage door repair services.

    West Point Garage Door Company offers garage door track adjustments and replacements that can be of great help when the tracks are into some issues.

    We have skilled workers that can do repairs and adjustments while providing a quality job.

    Call our customer service team and we will be happy to be of great help.

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