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    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Garage Door Opener Repair in Vancouver

    Garage doors are inevitable to damage and other part issues.

    As owners, we might want to do the repair ourselves and may end up tampering our devices.

    Situations like getting locked up inside the garage or just the opener stops functioning like how it used to can be stressful.

    A garage door that won’t open or close is a sign that the opener itself may be having some issues.

    Here are some reasons and tips on how to deal with such issues.

    If none of these following know-how works, calling a trusted garage door repair company is the most ideal step.

    Remote Control Or The Wall Switch Fails To Operate

    If the garage door won’t move even when we press the remote control or switches, one thing to check are the power source or controls.

    We might not notice power interruptions or connection issues when we use our doors.

    Check if the door is plugged and the lines are nor disrupted in any way.

    Ensure that the cord is plugged and that the power source has no issues at all.

    Sometimes, the circuit breakers cause some problems.

    If some lights or outlets don’t work within the garage, the circuit breaker might be the one having issues.

    Seek professional help when this part is having troubles.

    It is safer to let a trained individual deal with the issue than tamper the whole garage door system.

    Garage Door Doesn’t Respond To Any Commands

    This issue is quite easy to handle, we can just move a little closer to our doors and click on the remote control.

    However, problems arise when we are closer to the sensors and then nothing happens.

    Ensure that the antenna of the motor unit is hanging downward, which could be the right position in receiving signals.

    Moreover, removal of possible cause of signal interferences like dirt, big objects, and other causes of disruptions can also help in securing a good connection.

    We can also reprogram our remote control by following the steps written in the manual.

    The Opener Won’t Close

    If the opener opens freely and then ends up stuck up right in the middle when it closes, it means that the close switch or the safety sensors are causing the stuck-up situation.

    For the close switch, we might need to adjust our close switch where the limitations are a bit higher than how it usually is.

    Bear in mind that if the set-up or the limitations on the switch is wrong it will surely cause troubles later on during its function.

    Also, the close switch is a garage door function which enables the door to move safely within the area.

    One wrong close limit set-up will prevent our doors from closing.

    For the safety sensors, we might need to to adjust or do some realignments to get the better signal.

    As mentioned above, it is ideal to keep obstructions from these sensors to avoid signal interference.

    In any case, the remote controls will have some lights that indicate disruptions.

    So, ensure the sightlines are free and then the door will close smoothly.

    Garage Doors Fails To Open Completely

    When a garage door opens smoothly then suddenly stops midway, the up-limit switch or the rollers must be in some trouble.

    For the up-limit switch, we can adjust or move the switch closer to the motor unit.

    This way, we can have our doors open fully.

    We can also have this readjusted during a garage door installation.

    For the rollers, routine inspection of these parts can help us determine whether to repair or replace it with a new one.

    A faulty roller will surely stop our openers to open and may end up staying that way for a long period of time.

    We can also lubricate these parts from time to time to avoid wear and tear.

    The Garage Door Motor Won’t Stop Running

    When this happens, we just need to move the up-limit switch away from the motor.

    This rarely happens but when it does we can just adjust the distance and our doors will function like nothing happens.

    Also, we can have these switches on ideal lengths during a garage door opener repair or installation service.

    Call A Trusted Garage Door Repair Company

    Partnering with a trusted garage door repair company will surely make a difference when our openers fail to function.

    West Point Garage Door Company has trained individuals who can do repairs and inspections.

    We have a team equipped with knowledge and tools which is a great help during the service.

    Call our customer services team and we will be happy to lend our hands in service.

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