Garage Door Cable Repair

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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Garage Door Cable Repair in Vancouver

    The garage door cable is one of the largest moving parts of a garage door system.

    It takes up 40% of the door’s frontage and probably we think that it may not be prone to damages and other functional issues.

    By design, it is attached to the bottom section of the door and is connected to the drum right above it.

    It helps in holding the weight of the door while the garage door spring does its work in opening and closing.

    These cables are also one of the parts that we need to consider during a garage door installation service.

    We need to ensure that it is installed right and can function for a long period of time.

    Once everything is sorted or installed, we can open and close our doors easily without delay.

    However, cable issues can make our door function weirdly.

    When this happens, it is best to seek professional help; and let the team do the repair or replacements to ensure safety.

    Call our team and we will be happy to be of great help for a garage door cable repair.

    What Does Garage Door Cable Do?

    Garage door cables are placed on both sides of the doors to assist and help both the tension and extension spring in moving the door up or down.

    Basically, when the cable snaps or breaks the other will carry all the forces and loads by itself which could be straining it leading it to break.

    When the torsion springs twist or move, the cable wraps or unwraps the aluminum drum which leads the door to open and close.

    As mentioned above, when one cable breaks the other carries all the forces directed at the whole door.

    For this reason, replacing or repairing the broken one needs to be done immediately.

    Know-Hows In Determining A Broken Cable

    Since cables are essential in the overall function of our doors, it is ideal for us to know the know-hows in determining a broken one:

    Misaligned Door

    This is one of the indications that the cables are into some trouble.

    We’ll know that the alignment is wrong when we struggle to open and close our doors.

    Unusual Sounds

    A loud bang or unusual sound during opening and closing means that the cables are simply making trouble for the door to produce such noises.

    Damages on the cables and springs are best suited for the professionals to check and replace.

    Damaged or Falling Cables

    If some tension springs are dangling or the cable itself seems like it will fall anytime is an indication that our garage door system is in big trouble.

    Seek professional help when this happens.

    The Replacement Process

    Before doing any work, ensure that the door is wide open and locked in place to avoid movement during the replacement process.

    We can attach a mining grip on the track below the rollers or just use a ladder to block any movements later on.

    Once the door is secured, we can remove the cable starting from the bottom of the door and looping around the edge.

    Also, remove the drum to unravel the cable property.

    Install the newly brought cable and by following the manufacturer’s instructions, looped around the edge, traveled the cable, and ensured that it is properly placed.

    The new and old cables might not be of the same lengths so it is ideal to replace both cables during the process.

    Having the same cables is vital in the function of our doors for it is efficient and safe to do.

    We may also need to adjust the torsion springs connected to it to avoid troubles during the opening and closing of doors.

    What To Do During A Cable Issue?

    When cables break or fail, it is ideal to call our trusted garage door repair company.

    This way, we can have our cables function properly after the garage door installation and repair service.

    It is also ideal to clean and put lubricants on these parts from time to time to avoid wear and tear.

    Whether it is replacing or repairing garage door torsion and extension springs, West Point Garage Door Repair Company is just a call away.

    Call our customer service team and we will talk about the details and other services that our company offers.

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