Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close

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    Garage Door Won't Close

    What is the point of having a garage door if it won’t close right?

    A garage door is there for your security.

    It is there to prevent intruders from finding a passage into your house.

    And it is there to prevent burglars from coming in to steal your car or damage it.

    So if you want a car that is safe and a house that is secure, your garage door needs to be shut clean.

    This needs to be done using controls that are only in your hands and of those that you trust.

    But why use a garage door remote controller if the door won’t even close in the first place?

    In this guide, we will tell you all the foolproof ways to tackle a repair when the garage door won’t close.

    But before we do that, it is quite important to know why your door is not closing in the first place.

    Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way Down?

    As with all problems, if we understand their root cause, the solution becomes very easy to deduce.

    If a garage door is not closing all the way down or is not closing at all, there could be numerous reasons for that.

    These reasons could be minuscule such as the presence of an obstacle.

    Else, they could be something larger involving a serious technical issue.

    Whatever the case, here are some of the most common causes of a garage door not closing.

    If you are experiencing similar problems, we suggest contacting a garage door repair company.

    West Point Garage Doors is your trusted companion for all garage door services.

    Sensors That Have Malfunctioned

    One very obvious reason why your garage door won’t shut is because of its malfunctioned sensors.

    If your sensors are covered in dust or dirt, they will not be able to receive signals efficiently, and as a result, your door won’t close.

    There could also be the case where your sensors are cut off from the power supply, in which case the door won’t close at all.

    Also, if the sensors are out of alignment, that could hamper the closing of the door.

    This is because the sensor wrongly tells the controller that there is an object underneath the door and so it won’t close.

    To get rid of this problem, we suggest regularly cleaning up your garage door sensors which can be found at the bottom of the door, 6 feet above the ground.

    Alternatively, you could also seek professional help to align the sensors again.

    Problems With Battery Transmitter

    As their name implies, transmitters transmit radio frequency signals to the garage door sensors.

    Once the sensors have received the signal, they then propel the control system to act upon that stimulus.

    But what if the signal fails to reach the sensor on time?

    This would result in the door not closing and could indicate a faulty battery transmitter.

    The transmitter could also be cut off from the power supply, in which case you will need to replace its batteries for it to function properly.

    Issues With The Limit Adjustment  Setting

    This adjustment on the garage door, which is referred to as the limit setting, is very important.

    This is because it lets the garage door know exactly how far it needs to drop down so that the door has been sealed off completely.

    Obviously, this can be hard to ascertain.

    Especially if you are doing it all by yourself.

    You may need to measure the height and do a few trial-and-error runs before reaching the right height.

    If you are still struggling with a gap underneath the garage door, then contact us at West Point Garage Doors to help you with this ordeal.

    Tracks That Are Out Of Alignment Or Damaged

    For the garage door to close properly, its metal tracks need to be in alignment.

    They should be running parallel to each other for the smooth functioning of the door.

    If the tracks are bent or twisted, or warped, then that could hinder the movement of the door.

    This wear and tear could have been caused by the constant usage of the door.

    In such cases, the ideal remedy would be to replace these tracks.

    Springs and Cables That Are Broken

    The springs and cables in the garage door are responsible for pulling and pushing the door.

    If they don’t work properly, your door won’t close.

    To know more about how these springs work, check out this article here.

    The Bottom Line

    There can be a ton of reasons why your door won’t close.

    If you are experiencing a technicality that appears hard to resolve, contact us, and we will sort it out for you.

    As the best garage door company in Vancouver, we will help you with problems such as when a garage door won’t close and much more!

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