Programming Lift Master Remote

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    Programming Lift Master Remote

    Gone are the days when you have to get out of your car to manually chain up your garage door.

    Closing or opening a garage door today is as easy as the push of a button.

    Consider coming home from a tiring day at work.

    You hold a handheld remote, press down on the button, drive inside the garage and voila you are home.

    Automatic garage doors have made our everyday life easier than we realize.

    They are efficient and help us save time.

    But they also add to the overall curb appeal of our dwelling.

    So if you are thinking of getting an automatic door installed at your place or if you already have one, then this guide is for you.

    Stop fiddling with the remote and learn the basics of programming a Lift Master remote with West Point Garage Doors.

    What Is A Lift Master Garage Remote?

    What use is an automated garage door that cannot be controlled?

    Your Lift Master Garage Remote helps you to do that control.

    It does so by means of switches attached to the walls of the garage so you can open or close the door with ease.

    A Lift master garage remote can be purchased from any hardware store and comes with different price tags.

    In its physical form, it is a tiny motorized device that sometimes comes with a remote radio control.

    The control is what helps you to open and close the door without having to be in contact with the door.

    How Does A Lift Master Remote Work?

    Much like all sensor systems which work by taking stimuli from the environment and then taking an action, your lift master remote works the same way.

    It is like a transmitter of sorts that releases radio wave stimuli in the atmosphere.

    This short wavelength signal is detected by a sensor and then the control system takes the necessary action.

    It may either open or close the garage doors depending on how you have programmed it.

    How To Program A Lift Master Remote?

    In this article we tell you all the steps when it comes over to programming the lift master remote.

    Keep reading below.


    We began these steps by locating the “learn” button on your Lift Master remote.

    It can be found near the antenna of the motor or the wall control.

    The learn button can be yellow, purple, red, orange, or green depending on the color of the antenna.

    Press and Release

    Once you are done with step 1, then press the button and release it immediately.

    For remotes that have a MyQ Control panel, you may have to do the press and release function twice.

    Keeping Pressing

    Proceed with Step 2 by pressing the button again but holding it down for around 3 seconds.

    You should do this immediately or with a maximum of 30 seconds delay.

    Hold this button in total for three seconds.

    Check For Any Blinking Lights

    Blinking lights on the garage door opener show that you have been successful with the programming process.

    These tiny LED lights on the remote blink when you have correctly done the programming.

    Testing The Remote

    Once you have programmed the remote the way you want, it is time to test if it works or not.

    For this, you will need to test its button.

    Press down to close the garage door, if it happens the way you want it then voila you are successful.

    If it does not, then you will need to repeat the above steps.

    Repeat And Reprogram

    If you want to program other remotes or reprogram the existing one then repeat the steps mentioned above in the correct sequence.

    And within no time you will be like a pro or call us if you face any troubleshoot.

    Can I Link My Lift Master Garage Door Remote To My Car

    As we mentioned earlier, if you want to control your garage door from within your car, it is controlling your garage door from within the comfort of the car appears like a dream doesn’t it?

    With your lift master remote, that dream is very much a possibility.

    You would need to connect the car’s transmitter with the remote and reprogram it.

    To see how this is done, refer to the following video here.

    The Bottom Line

    Programming your lift master remote is very simple.

    Just follow the steps above and you would have no issue with the process.

    For more articles like these, tune in to our blog and make your life easier.

    If you are looking for similar garage door repair services then reach out to us at West Point  Garage Doors.

    As the best garage door company in Vancouver, our team of professionals has you covered.

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    We will also provide in-person assistance with programming lift master remote.

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