Garage Door Sensor Bypass

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    Garage Door Sensor Bypass

    Automatic garage doors are your best investment until they go obsolete.

    However, anytime your garage door can stop working because of a number of reasons.

    It is technology after all, isn’t it?

    Whether your garage door fails to open or fails to shut down, it is annoying nevertheless.

    An open garage door can provide a safe haven for animals to enter or for the burglars to find their traesures.

    On the other hand, a closed door that won’t budge keeps you locked inside your house even if you are getting late for wokr.

    So what do you do in such a scenario?

    In this guide, we will tell you all the reasons why your door isn’t working and the ways in which you can do a Garage Door Sensor Bypass.

    If you want professioal help with the bypass, contact West Point Garage Doors for the best garage door repair services and adjustments.

    Why Is My Door Not Closing?

    Before we tell you the ways to bypass the garage door sensor system, it is quite important to know why your sensor has malfunctioned in the first place.

    The number one common reason for this is if the sensor detects an obstruction in the pathway.

    This could be something a miniscule a a cobweb that could prveent your door from closing.

    It could also be that your sensor is faulty because of too much UV exposure or because it has accumulated dust.

    Whatever the reasons, in this article we show you the steps to bypass a garage door sensor.

    Keep reading below.

    The Steps For A Garage Door Sensor Bypass

    Step 1: Remove Obstructions

    We have said earlier how bypassing a garage door sensor should be a last resort.

    Before this you will need to check what is actually wrong withthe door.

    To do this, you will need to check the lens for dirt and debris.

    You would also need to ascertain if there is something which is obstructing the path of the door.

    If an obstacle appears underway, remove it.

    If the door still does not budge, keep reading below.

    Step 2: Check The Sensor Alignment

    It is very important to check whether the sensors are aligned or not.

    This can be checked by ensuring if the sensors are parallel or not.

    These sensors can be found on either side of the door and are mounted on black brackets.

    If the sensors are misaligned, you can very easily align them by tightenting the wingnuts that hold these sensors in place.

    When the sensors are properly aligned, their green LED light starts blinking.

    Apart from the sensor alignment, you should also check its wiring.

    They should not be twisted or broken.

    If they are, then contact your nearest electrician for repair.

    You would also need to ensure that the sensors are receiving an adequate electricty supply from the power source.

    Another way to check for a sensor is working or not is by checking its wiring.

    Step 3: Use Manual Power To Open Or Close The Door

    This bypass method reminds us of the good old days when garage doors would need to be shut down and openend by hand.

    But with an automated door, before you try to take the plunge it is very important to disengage the sensors.

    And that too when the door is shut otherwise the entire momentum of the door would fall on you and could be dangerous.

    If the garage door fails to work while open, then it is best to use a  2×4.

    Place it under the garage door and then proceed to disconnect the door from the automated trolly system.

    This can be done by removing the cord that hangs from the top centre of the door.

    Once you have done this safely, you can close the door with hand.

    Step 4: Bypass The Sensor By Pushing The Wall Button

    No matter what kind of garage door you have, this bypass system will work for all of them.

    All you would need to do is push down the wall button of the garage door.

    Keep it pressed down until the door completely closes.

    If this step is not done until the door is shut, the sensors would propel the door upwards and prevent it from closing.

    So you will need to keep redoing this step.

    However, if you feel like this method is not working and you are looking for a garage door company in Vancouver then contact us at West Point Garage Doors.

    The Bottom Line

    If your garage door’s sensor starts acting up, you can bypass it in any of the ways mentioned above.

    The processes are relatively simple and one can do it himself with the minimal required equipment.

    However, in certain cases, you could need professional assistance.

    Reach out if you need help with a  Garage Door Sensor Bypass.

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